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What is a Non-Branded Search? #

A Non-Branded Search refers to an online search made by a user without specifying a particular brand or company. In other words, it’s a search where the user is looking for a general product, service, or information, rather than something associated with a specific brand.

Example of a Non-Branded Search: #

Let’s say you’re planning a vacation and want to find a hotel in London. If you type “hotels in London” into a search engine without mentioning a specific hotel chain or brand, that’s a non-branded search.

Why Tracking Non-Branded Searches is Important: #

  • Tracking non-branded searches is valuable for several reasons:
  • Market Understanding: It helps businesses, including brands, understand what potential customers are searching for in their industry. This insight can guide marketing and product development strategies.
  • Competitor Analysis: By analysing non-branded search terms, brands can gain insights into what their competitors are offering and what customers are interested in. This can inform competitive strategies.
  • SEO Optimisation: Brands can optimise their websites and content based on the non-branded search terms users use to ensure their web presence aligns with customer interests.

Using Non-Branded Searches for Data-Driven Decisions: #

For brands looking to stay ahead of the competition and market trends, here’s how to use non-branded search data effectively:

  • Keyword Research: Analyse non-branded search terms to identify keywords and phrases that are popular among your target audience. This can inform your content creation and SEO efforts.
  • Content Creation: Develop content that addresses the needs and questions of users making non-branded searches. This positions your brand as a valuable resource and can attract new customers.
  • Competitor Insights: Monitor non-branded searches related to your industry and competitors. This can reveal gaps in the market or opportunities to differentiate your brand.
  • Product Development: Use non-branded search data to understand what products or features potential customers are seeking. This can guide product development efforts.
  • Advertising Strategies: Consider using non-branded search terms in your online advertising campaigns. This can help you reach users who are in the early stages of their decision-making process and introduce them to your brand.