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11 October, 2023

How segmenting in BoldLens by region, location and sub-brand leaves your agencies with nowhere to hide in 2024.

Brands and agencies constantly seek ways to assess the effectiveness of their strategies, monitor performance, and adapt to changing market conditions.

In this article, we’ll explore how the ability to filter by region, location, and sub-brand within BoldLens, completely transforms the way brands can judge and measure the success (or failure) of their work and their agencies’ work around the world.

Breaking data down by region.

BoldLens’ filtering features allow you to zoom in on a specific region’s brand activity. Within the Brand Exposure page, I can isolate a type of brand activity e.g. press coverage, social mentions or paid campaigns and then overlay the full funnel of KPIs on that same graph, specific to the region – to assess the impact.

This means I can look at just the last three months’ PR efforts in New York vs web traffic from those zip codes, day by day; or investigate the effect of paid advertising campaigns across all of Asia vs organic branded search week by week; or understand the impact of total social mentions on revenue in Australia, month by month, for the last year.

Or, Everything Everywhere All At Once. Sound like it deserves an Oscar?

Well that’s not all.

Segmenting by location and sub brand.

Taking location filtering a step further, BoldLens enables large organizations with a diverse portfolio of brands to segment data by location and sub-brand. This means a group can isolate the communications data from any given brand in any given region, and then analyse the effects on its full funnel of KPIs.

Imagine a hotel brand with 20 properties across 15 countries, each with a different Marketing Director and various agencies in each location – a common use-case for BoldLens.

BoldLens allows local teams to monitor and validate the effectiveness of their efforts in real time. Simultaneously, the global management team at the Head Office can evaluate the performance of all properties and their respective agencies worldwide. They can compare results, identify trends, and facilitate knowledge sharing among marketing leads.

Imagine a SaaS business that owns multiple brands. They can assess all key metrics – from CAC and Churn Rates to Customer Engagement Scores and CLV – for a new challenger product in the portfolio, before switching to a laddered-up view of all brands within the group, in a New York minute.

Alternatively, an Angel fund invested in 15 businesses can leverage BoldLens to evaluate the value and growth of their entire portfolio or focus on specific brands, closely monitoring their spending and strategies.

Your data democratised

At its core, BoldLens is designed to make brand activity visible, accountable, and transparent. It empowers entire teams within an organization to track the impact of their work in real time.

Moreover, it ensures that stakeholders around the world can access the information they need in a matter of seconds. In essence, BoldLens democratises data, making it not only accessible but also actionable for all.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, the ability to assess the effectiveness of strategies, monitor performance, and make informed decisions is paramount. BoldLens, with its ground-breaking location filtering feature, has taken marketing analytics to the next level. It empowers brands and agencies to evaluate their global efforts with unparalleled precision and ease.

Whether you’re a multinational organisation, a diverse brand portfolio holder, or an investor in multiple businesses, BoldLens ensures that your data is not just accessible but actionable, making it an indispensable tool for marketing success in 2024 and beyond.

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