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30 May, 2024

Access Data Like Never Before with Boldlens’ ‘Explore’ 

Jamie Viljoen

Just ask ChatGPT… or there’s Explore… 

‘Imagine having all the data you need right at your fingertips, ready to answer your questions and reveal insights with a simple query. Boldlens’ new feature, ‘Explore’, offers just that an unprecedented way to interact with your data effortlessly. How do we know? Every word read so far was a product of AI. 

Since the release of ChatGPT and other popular Large Language Models LLMs such as Gemini or Claude, the way people work has shifted dramatically. For example, OpenAI were able to generate a web app from a sketch on a napkin. These tools can work as an idea generator, a personal writer and coding assistant. They are all available to anyone at the click of a few buttons, to the average person it seems as though it can do just about anything. 

A Large Language Model is a form of artificial intelligence that through Natural Language processing can understand and interpret human language. Previously the only way to communicate with a computer was through specific coding languages, but advancements in technology means we can now use regular language. These models are rapidly advancing in their complexity, with ChatGPT recently being tested as having a verbal IQ of 155, or in the top 0.1% of the population. With this level improvement in their capabilities, the question becomes. How can we make use of these advancements in technology? 

Issues with Large Language Models: 

Whilst Large Language Models have shown to be very helpful for many tasks, it is impossible for them to understand and answer everything. For example, if asked a question on a topic it is less knowledgeable about; two outcomes will usually happen. Either it will admit that it does not have the information to answer, or it will ‘hallucinate’. This is where the model will generate a response and just fill in the gaps where it does not have knowledge. 

To overcome this issue, we can undertake a process called Retrieval Augmented Generation RAG, where we are able to add to the model’s knowledge. RAG allows us to train the model on information that it did not previously have, for example, the data available on Boldlens. If you asked ChatGPT a question about how many sessions your website had last month, it would not have the answer. However, we can train a LLM to understand your data so questions like this can be answered. This will allow users to not only access any data point very quickly but also assist users in discovering insights from their data.  

Our Mission 

At Boldlens our mission has always been to simplify access to data by enabling our clients can access all their data in one centralized location as well as allow communications professionals to uncover patterns between their communication initiatives with revenue growth, ROI and customer acquisition. 

Research from the Boldspace Challenge Report highlighted that marketing professionals have issues accessing the data that they need. The report found that 59% of marketing decision makers and 62% of communication decision makers still find it difficult to source data on all areas in a user-friendly format. We are introducing ‘Explore’ to help bridge this gap between the large amounts of data that is available in marketing and being able to take actionable insights from the data.  

The benefits of Explore 

Introducing ‘Explore’: Transformative data interaction at Boldlens 

Have you ever found yourself looking for a specific data point for a report or struggling to uncover meaningful insights from your data? Think of ‘Explore’ as your own personal data analyst, capable of providing specific pieces of data or assisting in discovering deep insights. All of this will be possible through straightforward, no-nonsense text queries. 

The ‘Explore’ feature will have access to all your data on Boldlens, allowing you to inquire about any aspect effortlessly. Whether you need a quick statistic for a presentation, a detailed trend analysis, or an answer to a complex data question, ‘Explore’ eliminates the need to manually search for the data. All you need to do is just ask ‘Explore’. 

Moreover, ‘Explore’ is designed to understand the context of your queries, making it even easier to get accurate and relevant answers. It’s like having a data professional assistant at your fingertips, ready to provide insights that drive smarter decisions and more effective strategies. 

With ‘Explore’, you not only save time but also enhance your ability to make data-driven decisions. Imagine never having to worry about missing crucial data points or spending hours analysing data. ‘Explore’ empowers you to focus on what truly matters interpreting the results and applying them to achieve your goals. 

So, next time you find yourself needing a specific data point or struggling with data analysis, remember that ‘Explore’ is here to help, making data work for you with just a simple question. 

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Access Data Like Never Before with Boldlens’ ‘Explore’ 

Access Data Like Never Before with Boldlens’ ‘Explore’ 

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