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Fantastic results! On behalf of everyone at MHFA England and Startwell I wanted to thank your whole team for such smart thinking, fantastic work and real care and attention.



Launching a sub-brand for a national organisation to redefine mental health in the workplace


MHFA England is the UK’s largest provider of mental health first aid training and has provided help to more than 20,000 organisations over the last ten years. During the pandemic, workplace mental health was brought sharply into focus. MHFA England devised a new, targeted offering called Startwell to address this critical issue. Startwell required its strategy, brand and identity to be built from scratch, keeping a close association with MHFA England but able to stand alone with a more consultative, data-driven approach.


Due to the extensive experience of MHFA England’s network of mental health consultants at the core of this offering, we positioned Startwell as a consultancy rather than a programme. We found its bold space as an intangible, reactive service over a tangible course or product. The brand, tone of voice and character was an extension of the principles of MHFA England, but leant heavily into a more premium, bespoke offering for a C-Suite and HR focused business audience.


We helped define the brand and developed a creative launch campaign that addressed emotive pain points in various key industries. Our creative spoke to both decision makers and those who would benefit from and recommend the service, making the link crystal clear between positive workplace mental health and business effectiveness. We achieved 30 new leads in the first month alone, as well as 50k+ impressions and exceptional engagement through targeted LinkedIn campaigns.