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Boldspace proved to us they can really make integration work, producing excellent work across brand design, launch creative and PR, all rooted in a cohesive, smart strategy.



Brand building and integrated campaigns for innovative remote-working tech


The Reskube is a smart, compact box which constantly monitors the supply of home internet and power. If either fails, the Reskube instantaneously kicks in to provide immediate back up and business continuity.

This award-winning product was invented during the pandemic and quickly gained impressive backing. It needed to launch quickly and powerfully into the market with the ‘fully integrated’ Boldspace treatment – from brand creation to PR and advertising.


We already knew the Reskube solved resilience specialists’ ongoing struggle to adapt their infrastructure for hybrid working. But we also identified a clear and urgent demand for the Reskube amongst a far broader audience than just ‘critical’ industries.

In a world of broadband and home technology providers promising bigger, faster, futuristic solutions with often-inconsistent results – we focused on the Reskube being better and simpler. We drew on the unique selling points of its simple setup and remote management portal. Our bold space for Reskube was ‘The unsung hero of remote working’.


Our humble yet factual tone of voice reassured the audience that the Reskube was a straightforward solution for business continuity, and could be installed by anyone – regardless of their technical background. We created all communications assets for LinkedIn advertising, web and a brand film. We secured coverage in all key target trade titles, and led Reskube into their multi-million-pound raise with strong resonance and coverage, placing them as leaders in their emerging industry.